Floor Protection for Heavy Traffic Elevator Entrances

Floor Protection for Heavy Traffic Elevator Entrances

When our clients renovate or remodel office buildings and condominiums, the elevator entrances and common areas are protected with temporary floor protection to prevent damage to the floor during heavy traffic.

Read this article to learn how we protect elevator entrances under these conditions.

Cleaning and Organizing

The premise of all the floor protection is to clean the site, yes, the work is good, only the prep work is done enough to make the floor protection with longer, play a better protection effect.

Focus on cleaning the elevator entrance and exit, where if there is not clean dust and garbage, will make the subsequent paste good floor protection warp up, a long time, the floor protection is easy to fall off, and then can not protect the ground.

In the cleaning process, we recommend trying a powerful vacuum cleaner, which is the most effective tool for removing dust and garbage from corners.

Tape Pre-Treatment

From the elevator exit, along the adjacent corners to put a circle of Duct Tape, the purpose of this is similar to the foundation, to play a floor protection area to indicate the function, as well as to play the most basic isolation role, seemingly unnecessary work, we still highly recommend this, because in the subsequent evacuation of temporary floor protection will become exceptionally easy.

Laying Temporary Floor Protection

When everything is ready, we will take out the floor protection, we recommend the temporary floor protection with specifications higher than 220G in this kind of heavy traffic area, because in the heavy traffic area, it is more than 5X the wear and tear intensity of the indoor construction environment.

We simply plan the laying direction, which will effectively reduce the overlapping area of the lap, and thus reduce the waste of temporary floor protection, and can save part of the cost without affecting the protection effect.

Fixing Again

After laying, if you have purchased our temporary floor protection products, you can use our complimentary Duct Tape to attach the temporary floor protection. The complimentary tape provides five times more adhesion than ordinary Duct Tape and does not leave a residue of hard-to-clean adhesive on the floor over time.

Use and Check

When putting into use, there will inevitably be surprises, and our advice is to keep a small amount of temporary floor protection between construction areas, just as a ship sailing away always needs sailors, so that the damaged parts can be repaired at any time to provide continuous protection.

In our experience, 80% of floor protection breakage occurs at the elevator entrance, so we recommend laying multiple layers of temporary floor protection 50cm from the entrance, not only to provide stronger protection, but also to reduce the height difference between the elevator car and the exterior.

If you have better ideas and practice stories, you can share your experience below.

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