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Temporary Floor Protection

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Spriteshield is the leader in custom floor protection

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Spriteshield offers building builders, construction material dealers, installation contractors, and individual consumers excellent temporary floor protection as well as whole house protection solutions for floors, tiles, marble, stairs, walls, corners, doors, and can effectively combat damage from knocks, scratches, paint, dust, and construction debris.

Spriteshield not only provides products for whole house protection, but also supports customization of all products, which means your business has a new way to promote and present itself, customizing your own temporary floor protection and other products will enhance your company's corporate image, and we look forward to working with you to help you upgrade your corporate image.


Spriteshield has 320k+ loyal custom customers worldwide

The average daily shipment of non-customized orders exceeds 100,000 square meters, and Spriteshield has the largest library of customized templates and perfect pre-sales and after-sales services.

Heavy Duty Floor Protection

Comparison before/after laying

Visual comparison - Flooring protection during home renovation

The Appearance of Unpaved Floor Protection


Laying Floor Protection Looks


Thanks to the use of spriteshiled floor protectors, our work is much more efficient and we no longer have to worry about our customers' floors being damaged.
We have used many other brands of temporary floor protection products before, and we have been using Spriteshiled's product with fleece since we found it. From now on, we don't have to worry about our customers' expensive stone floors being worn out.
We are very concerned about the reusability of our temporary floor protection and Spriteshield has been doing a great job of saving us a lot of money in this area.
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About us

Design & Manufacture

Spriteshield was first established in 2017 and in just a few years, with excellent temporary floor protection products and a keen eye for the market, we have become experts in the field of custom floor protection, with our own factory, we are able to design and manufacture, cost-effective floor protection products.

Our missions

Professional image

We fully understand that building renovation contractors should not miss any opportunity to showcase their brands. Spriteshield provides excellent floor protection products, while making them beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, fully demonstrating the professional image of the construction company and impressing the homeowner.


Which floor protection is better for you?

Not sure which one to choose? We selected our most popular floor protection. Compare them and choose the best model for your needs.






39" x 100'

39" x 100'

39" x 100'






Approx. 1.0mm

Approx. 1.2mm

Approx. 1.5mm






11.90 lb

14.55 lb

19.84 lb

Spriteshield Temporary Floor Protection Roll

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