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Spriteshield offers building builders, construction material dealers, installation contractors, and individual consumers excellent temporary floor protection as well as whole house protection solutions for floors, tiles, marble, stairs, walls, corners, doors, and can effectively combat damage from knocks, scratches, paint, dust, and construction debris.

Spriteshield not only provides products for whole house protection, but also supports customization of all products, which means your business has a new way to promote and present itself, customizing your own temporary floor protection and other products will enhance your company's corporate image, and we look forward to working with you to help you upgrade your corporate image.

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We design your floor protection for customers in different regions of the world. A unique and impressive corporate identity.

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Spriteshield has excellent product quality and adopts a variety of industry-leading technologies. Unlike most floor protection products, we have richer colors to express your company image.

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I don't need to customize, can I buy it?

Yes, you can buy, just place an order directly, the default order is for products with our Spriteshield brand printed on it.

Is there a free tape?

When you buy 2 rolls of floor protection kit, you will receive 6 rolls of professional tape. Under normal circumstances we give away enough to cover the cost. If you are concerned that it is not enough, you can also purchase it separately on our website.>>Purchase tape

How do I customize my brand?

All of the floor protection we sell can be customized with your brand, with a rich selection of colors, thicknesses and materials, please contact us to give you professional answers. An exclusive one-on-one design service is available for you.>>Contact us

How to design?

Do not worry, you just need to choose the floor protection to order, get in touch with us, send us what you want to print, we will give you the design until you are satisfied, the design is not satisfied can be unconditionally full refund.

What clients have you done customization for?

We serve customers in global regions and have worked with ten million customers, providing custom services to contractors in the construction industry for different types of work, including: wall art paint, flooring installation service providers, marble suppliers, home remodeling service providers, window and door installation service providers, and other customers.