Spriteshield Exterior Door Protector (1 Pack)

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Introducing the Spriteshield Standard Size Exterior Door Body Protector - the ultimate safeguard for your doors! This all-in-one protective cover offers unbeatable defense against water, paint, and dust (waterproof & paint-proof &dust-proof), ensuring your door remains pristine and polished.

Installation couldn't be easier - simply unfold the cover, place it over your door, and secure it with the included strap. Designed to fit seamlessly on standard 80-inch x 36-inch doors, this versatile protector offers a customizable experience with an array of eye-catching colors to choose from. Plus, you can tailor the size and even add your logo for a personalized touch!

Built for durability and convenience, the Spriteshield Exterior Door Body Protector is reusable and easy to store, giving you peace of mind whenever you need it.

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Color: Red
Style: Custom made