Spriteshield Wall Corner Protection Strips (10 Pack)

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Introducing the Spriteshield Wall Positive Corners Protection Strip (10 Pack) - the ultimate solution for safeguarding your wall corners during construction projects! Designed to prevent damage from heavy objects, these corner shields provide reliable protection and peace of mind.

Key Features:

  • Heavy-duty protection for wall positive corners at construction sites
  • 2-inch wide leafs and 48-inch lengths for optimal coverage
  • Available in a wide range of colors for a customized look
  • Option for logo and information printing to enhance your company's image
  • Easy-to-remove, residue-free tape recommended for secure fixing and repeated use

Choose from an extensive selection of colors to match your site's aesthetic and even customize with your company's logo or information for a professional touch. Our corner strips are designed for easy installation and removal using residue-free tape, allowing for multiple trials without damaging your walls.

Don't leave your wall corners vulnerable to potential damage - click now to secure your Spriteshield Wall Positive Corners Protection Strip and experience the ultimate protection during your next construction project!

Style: Custom made