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Spriteshield specializes in custom floor protection.

SpriteShield were founded in 2017, in just a few years, with outstanding Temporary Floor Protection products and keen market sense, in the field of custom floor protection makes us an expert, we have our own factory in China, we have both design, printing and production in one, to provide very cost-effective high-end floor protection products.

We provide the most professional floor protection products for construction to our customers in different regions of the world. Our presence is to tell our customers that you have more options to customize your own brand image of floor protection in addition to the protection that the product itself plays.

Spriteshield's Surface Printing Effect

Our Missions

We fully understand that building renovation contractors should not miss any opportunity to showcase their brand. Spriteshield provides excellent floor protection products, while making them beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, fully demonstrating the professional image of the construction company and impressing the homeowner.

Spriteshield Production Equipment

" We have the world's top printing production equipment with rich color expression to restore the company's corporate image to the greatest extent. All products on sale use exclusive super lamination technology. "

Spriteshield's Surface Printing Effect

" The products we sell are all made with our exclusive super composite technology. The raw materials we use are all biodegradable, reducing the consumption of forest wood, and we believe that biodegradable and recycled materials will be the best choice. "

More products and services

In addition to the floor protection on sale, we will also be putting more products on the shelves, such as professional entry door protection, sun corner protection, and window protection, all of which can be customized with your brand. From the inside to the outside to maximize the display of the company's image.

We are the factory directly with you, not to set up any dealers, the whole network uniform price. Long-term customers enjoy exclusive rebate discounts.

Don't know our products?

No problem, we offer free samples shipped throughout the United States for delivery by Amazon Next Day Delivery. Register as a member, contact a sales consultant to request a sample, and we look forward to working with you.

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