5 Tips to Follow During Hot Summer Construction Projects

5 Tips to Follow During Hot Summer Construction Projects


Revamping your space presents challenges in any season, but the searing summer heat poses unique health and safety hazards that must be managed. Prolonged exposure to high temperatures and UV radiation can stress the body, compromising concentration and judgment, which can reduce productivity and the quality of results. To successfully complete construction projects during the dog days of summer, follow these crucial tips.

Schedule Work During Cooler Times of the Day

The warmest hours of summer afternoons are often the least productive, so schedule heavy-duty work for the cooler morning and evening if possible. The fewer hours of direct sun exposure, the less heat and humidity for workers to overcome.

Floor Protection During Renovation

Provide Shade and Hydration

Ensure shade and access to cooling options throughout the day. Staying in the elements for prolonged periods will quickly lead to dangerous overheating. Monitor rehydration using chilled drinks, icy towels, misters, and frequent breaks.

Dress Appropriately

Light, loose and breathable clothing helps circulation, while sun protection like hats and sunglasses prevent heat-related eye strain and sunburn. Consider cooling vests for extended strenuous activity.

Use Cooling Equipment

Equipment like fans, portable AC units, and heaters improve comfort and safety, especially in smaller indoor spaces. Cooling tents are ideal for larger projects. Evaluate heat indices to determine if work should stop for health concerns.

Recognize heat exhaustion in rapid pulse, heavy sweating, confusion, dizziness, or heat stroke in high body heat (103 F+), delirium, or coma. Get emergency help immediately for suspected heat stroke to avoid life-threatening complications. Require more breaks and less strenuous tasks for heat-prone workers.

Construction projects can continue progressing efficiently despite scorching temperatures by employing smart scheduling, consistent safety precautions, and preparation for relentless heat. Follow this essential guide to stay productive, avoid danger, and achieve your vision even on the most sweltering summer days. Stay hydrated, stay in the shade, and beat the heat!

Temporary Floor Protection Demo Video Cover

Floor Protection During Hot Summer Construction

Extreme heat and humidity during summer construction projects threaten human health and safety and the condition of existing floors. Demolition, equipment movement, and heavy materials can easily scratch, dent, or damage wood, tile, linoleum, and carpeted floors if proper precautions are not taken.

Install temporary floor protection across the entire space before beginning demolition or construction. Moisture-resistant plywood sheets, padding, mats, or polytarps provide an effective barrier against wear and tear. Hardwood floors especially require protection to prevent damage that could compromise the integrity of the floor above.

Wood subfloors in particular need coverage to avoid issues like delaminating, warping, or buckling under weight and humidity. Any damage to flooring prior to reconstruction would be costly and time-consuming to repair, so investing in proper protection upfront will save frustration later. Plywood sheets can even be left in place under equipment for improved stability if secured properly.


Floor protection may seem like an unnecessary irritation during an already tedious process, but it establishes a foundation of safety that leads to peace of mind and lower costs in the long run. Floors that emerge from summer construction weathered and worn simply do not give the same high-quality result as those preserved untouched. Keep your vision in mind at every step and take precautions like installing floor protection to achieve the end result you envision. In the world of construction where one misstep can lead to disaster, it is always better safe than sorry. Protect your floors today for enjoyment tomorrow!

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