How to Protect Marble Flooring During Construction? (2022 Guide)

How to Protect Marble Flooring: The Ultimate Guide

Marble floor with gorgeous appearance and very practical features to attract the attention of consumers. Different from other building stone, each piece of marble floor tile texture is different, texture clear curved marble, smooth and delicate, bright and fresh, like bringing everyone a visual feast again and again, installed in the living room life, can set off the room more elegant and generous.

If you are a proud owner of marble flooring, then you know that it is a luxurious and high maintenance surface. As beautiful as it is exquisite, marble needs to be protected from scratches, stains and other damage. In this guide, we'll teach you how to protect your marble flooring during construction so it looks its best during partial renovations and alterations!

What is marble flooring?

Marble has beautiful color, pattern, high compressive strength and good physical and chemical properties, wide distribution of resources, easy to process, with the development of the economy, marble applications continue to expand, the dosage is increasing, and plays an important role in people's lives. Especially in recent decades, the large-scale mining of marble, industrial processing, international trade, so that marble decorative panels in large quantities into the building decoration industry, not only for luxury public buildings, but also into the decoration of the home.

Marble flooring is a type of natural stone that is cut into thin tiles and then polished to create a smooth, glossy surface. It's typically used in high-end homes and commercial buildings because of its elegance and durability. However, marble is also one of the most porous materials out there, which means it's susceptible to staining and scratching. That's why it's important to take extra care when cleaning or protecting your marble floors.

How to protect your marble floors during construction

Marble is very fragile, afraid of the impact of hard objects, knocking, so usually should pay attention to prevent iron and other heavy objects knocking stone surface, so as not to appear pits, affecting the beauty. Marble and granite are easy to clean and maintain, as long as some cleaners for simple surface cleaning, it can keep it new for a long time.

If you're planning on doing any construction work in your home, then you'll need to take special precautions to protect your marble floors. Construction projects can be messy, and there's always the risk of dropped tools or other materials damaging your floors.

Anti-dust work

Marble floor to our impression should be clean and bright, in our construction time the last thing we want is to have dust on the floor, because dusty words, we will be very troublesome to clean up. But dust is inevitable when decorating. So before we decorate the floor now lay on the temporary floor protection, so that we can well avoid this problem. Of course, before the construction should be floor protection work well.

Moisture and water resistance

Marble floor unlike tiles, especially high-quality and expensive marble, its own main component is calcium carbonate, easy to be stained. Not like the tile as the water after wiping off with a cloth can be. If the marble flooring is exposed to moisture for a long time, it is easy to infestation, mold and other phenomena. We must be careful not to use too much water when decorating. In addition to laying dustproof cloth on the surface of the floor, it can also do certain waterproof and moisture-proof facilities, the application of our latest technology temporary floor protection, will be able to greatly improve the protection effect, will not be like cardboard can not withstand a long time soaking, providing 100% of the full waterproof ability.


Marble is very fragile, afraid of the impact of hard objects, knocking, so in addition to waterproof, moisture, dust and other protective measures to do a good job, in the decoration of the floor there is a more damage to the floor behavior, is bumping. Because in the decoration time, some building materials, decoration appliances and so on are going to cause bumping on the floor. This is easy to make the surface of the floor is damaged, not very beautiful. So we are in the decoration, placing or carrying heavier building materials is inevitable, we recommend the trial of thicker temporary floor protection, which can greatly reduce the damage caused by bumping.


As the marble material is relatively loose, soft texture water absorption rate is relatively high. The nodal line is more, so in the process of renovation and construction is prone to a variety of pollution and warping deformation, easy to lose light and other phenomena occur, affecting the decorative effect, so the floor protection must be breathable, so that the floor can breathe into the necessary skills of temporary floor protection, so with breathable structure of the temporary floor protection will be the best choice, the cotton on the back so that the contact surface is not completely suffocated, so that the marble just paved It is very important for the floor to fully evaporate water vapor.


The above mentioned 4 points are as the construction of the marble floor before the protection of the mandatory course, we should pay attention to and learn how to protect, here if you have any questions, welcome to get in touch with us, you can also leave your views and opinions in this text, we are happy to share your insights with all.

Temporary floor protection is crucial when working on marble floors in your home. You don't want to damage the floors with construction materials or tools, and temporary floor protection can help avoid that. Make sure to choose a material that is breathable and waterproof to get the most protection for your floors. Thanks for reading.

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