How Do Individual Consumers Shop for Flooring Protection?

How Do Individual Consumers Shop for Flooring Protection?


When we need to renovate or remodel a room, we always need a good floor protection, when faced with a wide range of floor protection products on the market, always confused how to buy, may first look at our advice, which may have a better help for your purchase decision.


There is no doubt that the quality of the floor protection is the first thing we should consider, the quality of the good or bad will determine the protection effect, no one wants to cause catastrophic damage to our floors because of the wrong choice. Quality is determined by a variety of factors, we should focus on the thickness of the product, water resistance, wear resistance, ease of installation, economy (repeatable trial), and other people's comments, we analyze each of these points below.


Let's start with the conclusion that the thicker the better. Because in the complex construction environment, any careless operation error will not do a good job of protecting the floor to cause irreparable damage, such as heavier wood, plasterboard, toolbox, and sharp nails or sharp knife, these unanticipated falls are deadly damage, but in front of a thick enough floor protection, these difficulties will be solved, thicker floor protection can withstand greater If the floor protection itself has a cushioning structure (our latest products with needle punched cotton on the back), it acts as a cushion like the anti-collision cushioning device of a small car. In this regard, although the protection of the current board type has a certain thickness, but can not play a soft landing effect, but the hard contact may break the floor because of the larger impact.


Obviously, everyone wants the floor protection to be waterproof, in the spraying operation, the paint drip or accidental pouring, in the absence of any protection, will be very difficult to clean in the subsequent cleaning. The current products on the market are only able to play a simple waterproof, if there is a long time, large area soaking that can not help. But the current floor protection with opp film technology, will completely solve this problem, the floor protection with this technology will provide 7x24h perfect protection, completely do not have to worry about a long time, large area of soaking.

Abrasion Resistance

Currently inside the temporary floor protection, are very good wear resistance, the worst is the film products, can only play a role in a short period of time, too long will be worn out damage lost protection function. Therefore give priority to the multi-layer composite technology floor protection, regardless of the construction site transportation, dragging and handling construction materials will give the construction side a very strong confidence.

Easy to Install

Currently on the market has a self-adhesive floor protection, but due to immature technology, after a longer period of construction, there will be residual glue left on the floor is difficult to clean, so the mainstream solution, or tape to fix, according to our understanding, the ease of installation often depends on the calculation of the tape, there is enough tape will make the installation easier, of course, if you can give free tape would be great! Of course, if you can give free tape, it would be great.


We all know that there are high prices for floor protection, but not the more expensive the better, in the actual construction project, for individual buyers, the budget is also a factor to consider, high prices will make people sad, so good value for money will become the star product that everyone is looking for. We need to be responsible for paying for the floor protection we buy, not needing to sacrifice more of our budget, and there is every reason to believe that more affordable options are available.

Evaluation and Communication

Nowadays, there are many purchasing channels, and the advice of enthusiastic users will provide the best reference for purchasing decisions. If you are interested in a certain specification of floor protection, you may want to read his reviews and get the information you want from the buyer's comments, and of course, if you can communicate with the merchant online instantly, you will also have a deeper understanding of the product you are buying.


In summary, we have just listed some of the key points of buying floor protection based on our experience, you should now have a more intuitive judgment, we hope this buying advice can help you.

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