Spriteshield vs Ram Board: How To Pick The Right Temporary Floor Protection

Spriteshield vs Ram Board: How To Pick The Right Temporary Floor Protection

Installing new flooring is a major investment that requires protection during construction and renovations. Spriteshield and Ram Board are two leading temporary floor covers that provide durable barriers against scuffs, spills, and heavy traffic. This guide compares the key features between these brands and provides recommendations based on project needs and budget. Read on to learn which solution best keeps your floors safe so you can avoid expensive replacements down the road.

Top Temporary Flooring Solutions: Spriteshield vs. Ram Board

For quality temporary floor protection during construction, two dominant solutions are Spriteshield and Ram Board - both trusted brands that provide exceptional protection. Here is a brief introduction to each premier product:

About Spriteshield

Spriteshield's floor protection consists of a 3-layer laminated material that provides surface protection for all floor types. Key features include:

  • Comes in 3 thickness options: 1.0mm, 1.2mm, and 1.5mm.
  • Weighs approximately 12 to 20 lbs per 100-foot roll.
  • Known for easy installation – simply unroll and tape in place.
  • Comes with scales for marking, which allows for accurate cuts and minimizes waste.
  • Needle-punch cotton backing protects floors from damage, improves rug grip, and prevents slips.
  • Provides months of protection, ideal for short to medium-term projects.
  • Reasonably priced and accessible on the official website as well as other online platforms like Amazon.
Spriteshield's floor protection consists of a 3-layer laminated material

About Ram Board

Ram Board is a temporary floor protector made from a blend of entirely recycled fibers, which include old corrugated containers (OCC), ply fibers, scrap fiber, mixed fiber waste, and reinforcers. Key features include:

  • Extremely durable, made to withstand heavy construction for months or years.
  • Available in three thicknesses - roughly 4.5 times, 5 times, and 8 times the thickness of builder's paper, which is around 1.1mm to 2mm.
  • Weighs approximately 48 lbs per 100-foot roll.
  • Only supplies to distributors. Contractors can access their products via their closest distributor.

Both Spriteshield and Ram Board have become popular choices known for providing reliable temporary floor protection on construction sites. However, there are some key differences when it comes to durability, cost, and overall performance.

How Spriteshield and Ram Board Compare

Here is an in-depth comparison of the critical similarities and differences between Spriteshield and Ram Board across key attributes:

1. Durability

Ram Board's construction makes it exceptionally durable, able to withstand heavy foot traffic and equipment for months or years without failure.

Spriteshield also provides impressive durability thanks to its innovative laminated material. This material is designed to resist wear and abrasion even during medium to heavy-duty use.

2. Thickness and Weight

Spriteshield offers three thickness options of 1.0mm, 1.2mm, and 1.5mm, providing flexibility to choose the level of protection needed. These multiple options allow you to tailor Spriteshield to your specific flooring needs. It is advisable to learn how to choose among these types.

The new 3-layer laminated material is relatively lighter than the Ram Board material, ranging from 11.9 to 19.8 lbs per 100-foot roll. This makes Spriteshield easy to transport and maneuver compared to heavier products.

Ram Board comes in three thicknesses, from 1.1mm to 2mm. While thicker than Spriteshield, this extra density results in a Ram Board weighing around 48 lbs per roll. This increased sturdiness makes Ram Board well-suited for the more demanding sites.

Spriteshield offers three thickness options of 1.0mm, 1.2mm, and 1.5mm

3. Cost and Availability

Spriteshield offers very competitive pricing, with its highest quality 1.5mm thick floor protection costing only $89.99 per roll directly from the manufacturer. This consistent direct pricing allows them to offer discounts and affordable bulk order rates.

Ram Board is only available through third-party distributors with prices around $113 per roll on average. However, pricing can vary significantly across different retailers.

For most budgets, Spriteshield provides greater value and transparency with its direct pricing model and bulk order discounts. Contractors can get durable floor protection for under $90 per roll when buying directly.

4. Reusability

Spriteshield offers the convenience of being non-adhesive, allowing pieces to be reused multiple times without losing efficacy. The sections can simply be taped into place, rolled up, and then re-laid as needed throughout a project. No adhesive residue is left behind so you don't have to take much time to get it off, and the durability ensures Spriteshield can last across several reapplications.

Similarly, Ram Board's non-adhesive surface allows for easy rollover when floor plans change. With proper care, both Spriteshield and Ram Board offer outstanding reusability.

5. Exclusive Technologies

Spriteshield utilizes a patented 3-layer laminated construction to deliver exceptional durability and versatility. This innovative tri-layer technology features:

  • Top layer of slip-resistant material to prevent falls and accidents
  • Middle layer of rugged shock-absorbing material that resists abrasions
  • Bottom layer of soft needle-punched cotton to anchor without residue

The proprietary laminate technology allows Spriteshield to effectively protect flooring across demanding construction zones while providing traction and cushioning impacts. This robust yet flexible film has the durability and performance to withstand months of use in the toughest indoor and outdoor applications.

Ram Board, with its signature Vapor Cure® technology, ensures effective curing of floors on your job site without the risk of sweating. This technology is tailored to cater to the needs of various flooring types, enhancing their quality and longevity. Ram Board's Spill Guard® Technology also offers an extra layer of protection. This manufacturing process provides strong liquid resistance to the temporary floor protection.

6. Performance Factors

Spriteshield temporary floor protection delivers anti-slip, wear-resistant, 100% waterproof protection. The breathable material not only provides excellent sand-fixing but is also versatile for prolonged use across a variety of applications.

Both Spriteshield and Ram Board floor covers are non-toxic and non-allergenic. They provide protection from spills, moisture, stains, and slippage while controlling dust and reducing noise.

With its well-rounded performance across slip resistance, waterproofing, breathability, and more, Spriteshield is engineered to provide long-lasting protection across diverse construction environments and flooring types.

7. Custom Printing Option

Spriteshield provides the ability to print company logos, brands, or graphics directly onto their floor protection. This allows contractors to showcase their business and enhance professionalism at job sites. Customers can also request personalized designs for a unique look.

The printing process leaves no texture or thickness, ensuring the floor protection retains its slip-resistant surface. Vibrant logos and designs are embedded directly into the durable material without impacting performance.

Recommendations Based on Project Scale and Needs

Here are some key factors to help determine if Spriteshield or Ram Board better fits your temporary flooring needs:

1. Budget Conscious Projects

If cost is a major factor, Spriteshield provides very budget-friendly pricing on both small and bulk orders. For example, on their website, a 38" x 100' roll of 1.0mm thick floor protection is only $68.99. The 1.5mm thickness is $89.99 for the same size roll.

In comparison, a similar-sized roll of Ram Board costs around $113. While Ram Board offers high durability, the higher cost may be prohibitive for some budget-limited projects. For cost-effective protection across small or large jobs, Spriteshield provides quality and affordability.

2. Heavy-Duty Protection

With its 3-layer durable material, Spriteshield provides heavy-duty protection suitable for most construction zones. Both small and large-scale renovators can rely on Spriteshield's strength and abrasion resistance for projects requiring robust floor coverings.

Ram Board's quality construction also gives it high durability to withstand heavy foot traffic and equipment. This makes Ram Board a class of its own when it comes to the most demanding protection needs.

For small to midsize renovations, Spriteshield's strength and affordability make it a great heavy-duty option. And for the most rigorous large sites, Ram Board's superior construction is recommended.

3. Long-Term Projects

Both Spriteshield and Ram Board offer products suitable for long-term construction projects spanning multiple months.

Spriteshield provides durable floor protection options like their 1.5mm thick H-300G rolls that hold up over extended home renovation timelines. Even under repeated foot traffic and heavy equipment use, the laminated material maintains its integrity over months-long timelines. This unrivaled durability standards ensure the floor protection withstands demanding use across extended home renovation or construction projects that span multiple months.

Ram Board offers thick products such as their Ram Board Plus and Pro sheets. These offerings are 5 times and 8 times thicker than standard builder's paper. The ultra-dense construction makes Ram Board products ideally suited for withstanding intense usage at construction sites over prolonged projects.

Spriteshield provides durable floor protection options like their 1.5mm thick H-300G rolls

4. Short-Term Projects

For brief renovations or events lasting days or weeks, both Ram Board and Spriteshield provide ideal protection options.

Ram Board offers a lighter Home Edition version perfect for short-term residential jobs. Spriteshield's S-180G film weighs only 11.9 lbs per roll, making it highly convenient for quick installation and removal.

With Ram Board's construction or Spriteshield's laminated material, clients can choose the temporary flooring that best fits their short-term project requirements. Both brands offer light-duty choices suitable for fast-paced renovations or installations lasting less than a month.

5. Residential Projects

For homes, apartments, and small offices, Spriteshield offers an ideal temporary flooring solution. Its 1.0mm thick option provides affordable protection, perfect for floor protection in residential spaces.

Spriteshield products are designed with user-friendliness in mind and come marked with scale for convenience. This allows for accurate trimming to match the size of your floor perfectly, even when dealing with irregular floor plans. Made from a smooth material that is safe for both families and pets, Spriteshield offers durable coverage that lasts for several months, all without causing harm to your existing floors.

Ram Board also offers a lighter Home Edition version suitable for basic residential protection needs. However, Ram Board's higher pricing make Spriteshield generally better suited for most small residential jobs.

a male builder with tan skin, working on a home improvement project. He is using green temporary floor protection to cover a newly installed


Selecting the proper temporary floor covering can prevent thousands in future replacement costs. Make your choice judiciously by examining the project realistically - consider the scale, timeline, finances, and expected traffic. With prudent planning, you can secure sturdy, cost-effective protection personalized to your needs. Safeguarding your floors during renovations demonstrates foresight and care for your space. Regardless of brand or material, keeping surfaces flawless is like shielding a prized possession - with diligence, care, and utmost respect.

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