Temporary Floor Protection: What Can Be Printed on

Temporary Floor Protection: What Can Be Printed on

Custom temporary floor protection can be a great way to protect your floors from damage during construction or renovation projects. Here are some tips on how to order custom temporary floor protection and what can be printed on Temporary Floor Protection:


As the first manufacturer who can provide custom floor protection with high freedom printing, many of you are very interested in how we customize to our customers, so we can share our service process and experience.

Determine the Product

Any custom product starts with this step. Once you have determined the product that needs to be customized, we can determine the printing scheme, design requirements, and production process depending on the product you have chosen. Once you have determined the product, contact our product experts for design and other follow-up processes.

Design Elements

For floor protection, unlike other custom printed products, we need to accurately cut and efficiently display the customer's image in a limited canvas size, to be short and clear, which becomes our biggest challenge. Generally speaking, in addition to providing the basic information elements of the company to the outside world, there are many details that need attention, and we will proceed to explain them one by one.

Basic Information

No matter how you print, the most basic information is a must. This basic information includes: your company name, logo, slogan, and contact information, which introduces you to yourself just like making a nice business card. This most basic information is designed to allow anyone to understand what you do and how to reach you, which is very important. (It is important to note that we do not accept information that is illegal, discriminatory, not authorized, and not publicly available)


Usually clients have their own logos and you can send us files in any format and we will be able to handle them. Usually we will send you the logo for line art Usually we will send you the logo for line processing, the default as a single color for printing, if you want to color style is also no problem, just need to explain to us. Usually, the color logo will build more than one mold, which will make your cost higher. Don't worry, we will give tips to tell you clearly where the money is spent, you can decide whether you really need so many molds.


A good slogan will succinctly summarize your business and your strengths, so when it comes to floor protection, it's a best practice and a great way to promote your company. Our advice is that the slogan should be clear and concise, without being too comprehensive about your business, and we do not recommend abbreviations or words that are difficult to understand.

Contact Information

Yes, you can print your contact information on the floor protection, which includes the most common company address information, the company's phone number, and the company's website, these information will further strengthen the customer's trust in you, and they can contact you at the first time they see your information. In our experience, there are also cases where QR codes from live chat tools and social media are printed on.


For company information, we have a wealth of text and graphics to convey information, color becomes the most important element, we often see a color to recall a certain brand, this is what we call brand recognition. In order to make your company have a deep impact on customers, we also need to choose the right color to express their corporate image, usually large companies will have their own set of VI corporate identity system, there are clear instructions for printing the company LOGO and text information, such as the CMYK value of the color is how much, etc.. Of course, if you do not have a very strict VI corporate confidence identification system, you can determine the color according to the company's characteristics and boss preferences.

For color, we can currently refer to Pantone color cards to customize the color of your floor protection, and we support printing up to 7 colors, as well as the ability to print gradient colors.


Once you have all the basic information ready, it's time to contact us for a design. Of course, I know you have your own design ideas and would like to make your own special floor protection pattern style. We can provide tens of thousands of templates to choose from, and there is always a style that you will be satisfied with. If you don't want to do the design yourself, then leave it to us and we will give you a satisfactory solution based on your information above, as we have professional designers with over 20 years of experience.

Draft Preview

You must be wondering what the final production will look like, yes, we will give a preview effect as shown in Figure X. Our default die height is 500mm, when start printing, every 500mm will be printed once, and the cycle will be repeated until all the lengths are printed. If you have special requirements, this default 500mm die is adjustable and can support up to 1000mm. For detailed die size, please consult our online product experts, as well as send an email to inquire.

About Ink

Please rest assured that all our custom products are made with water-based inks, which are environmentally friendly, and the final product has no odor and no damage or disturbance to the environment or your construction site, so please feel free to use them.

Finalize the Draft and Produce

Once we have completed the above design work, reconfirmed with you the product specifications, quantity, design layout and shipping information, and received the customer's approval, we will carry out the engraving and subsequent production for you, we can be sure that your custom floor protection are up-to-date and different. After the draft is confirmed, you just need to be patient, we are always online and you can reach us whenever you need to be updated on the progress of your custom floor protection order.

Write to the End

A colorful typography will be the best identity image for your company. The finished protection displayed everywhere is like a beautiful business card that always reminds the people who see him that this is a good renovation company. If you also want to make your business stand out, then be bold and try to present yourself in a better way. Seize the opportunity, now is the time.

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