9 Easy Home Refresh Projects: Transform Your Space in a Weekend!

9 Easy Home Improvement Projects That Will Refresh Your Space!


Updating your living space doesn't have to mean big renovations and construction delays! There are countless easy yet impactful home improvement projects you can accomplish by yourself over a weekend or few evenings.

Refreshing parts of your home is a great way to lift your spirits, boost creativity, and inspire better memories within your surroundings. These 9 easy home refresh projects can be done with affordable materials and minimal hassle.

Small Repainting Jobs

A fresh coat of paint alone can transform a space. Start with the simple repainting jobs that make the biggest impact:

  • Doors: Repaint interior and exterior doors in a cheerful or complementary color to the rooms they access. Sand them lightly first for the best adhesion.
  • Trim: Update baseboards, molding, and window and door casings in a 2-3 shade contrast from the walls to help define architectural features.
  • Accent Walls: Paint one visible wall in an accent color to add visual depth and personality. Complementing hues work best for a balanced look.
  • Cabinets: Give tired cabinetry new life by repainting the exteriors and doors in a matching color. Choose a glossier or semi-gloss finish for durability.
  • Walls: Entire rooms can benefit from a fresh coat of neutral or complementary paint. For enclosed areas like home offices or dens, consider a brighter hue to boost productivity.
Floor Protection During Renovation

Replacing Light Fixtures

Unlike aging and inadequate lighting, which makes rooms appear dated and gloomy, new light fixtures play a big role in refreshing a space by improving visual appeal and function. Upgrading fixtures is affordable and effective:

  • Pendant Lights: Swap boring pendants above dining tables, islands, and over tubs for stylish, adjustable options.
  • Ceiling Fans: Replace canopy and light kit combos in living areas to match your home's current aesthetic.
  • Table and Floor Lamps: Purchase new accent and task lamps in fun shapes and materials like rattan, metal, and marble bases.
  • Recessed Lights: Update recessed cans with bright LED panels that create an even glow throughout entire rooms.

Updating Hardware

Replacing old, damaged or clashing hardware instantly elevates a room's style. Invest in:

  • Sleek Handles: Choose wide, minimalist handles for cabinetry, closets and drawers in a brushed metal or matte black finish.
  • Modern Bath: Upgrade bath fixtures and accessories like towel bars, tissue holders and robe hooks in matching brushed nickel, chrome or copper.
  • Simple Cabinet Pulls: Opt for simple, thin cabinet pulls in brass or oil-rubbed bronze throughout the kitchen.
  • Decorative Door: Swap ornate, outdated door knobs for modern, industrial styles in matte black or brushed gold.

Refreshing Linings

Changing out faded or damaged linings in high-traffic areas like kitchens and bathrooms instantly improves organization and aesthetics. Replace worn out or unattractive cabinet and drawer linings with:

  • Neutral fabrics: Natural linen or jute in beige, gray or cocoa tones creates a timeless yet revitalizing look.
  • Patterned linings: Geometric, striped or botanical printed lining paper adds visual appeal without being overwhelming.
  • Woven grass linings: Durable, water-resistant rattan and seagrass linings provide natural texture.
  • Removable shelf liner: Adhesive-backed cork, rubber and foam linings are easy to cut, install and rearrange.
Home Refresh Projects

Adding Charging Solutions

Smart-home charging solutions make homes more functional, convenient and in line with current needs and lifestyles. Make technology easier to manage in your home by installing:

  • Extra Outlets: Add new outlets near work-from-home spaces, couch end tables, headboards, and backyard seating.
  • USB Wall Outlets: Install outlets with built-in USB ports for easy device charging anywhere you need them.
  • Wireless Charging Pads: Place wireless charging pads on bedside tables, offices desks and kitchen islands.
  • Outdoor Charging Stations: Invest in weatherproof outlets, USB stations and lights for patios, decks and porches.

Switching to Magnetic Hardware

Magnetic cabinet hardware allows you to experiment with styles risk-free, while upgrading décor instantly and affordably.

  • Simple Installation: Magnetic handles and knobs install in seconds over existing holes and surfaces.
  • No Permanent Damage: The magnets cause no damage so you can easily reverse or reuse the space.
  • Easy to Switch: You can swap the cover styles in minutes to match your evolving decor without buying whole new hardware sets.
  • Smooth Finish: The magnetic pieces lie flush, providing a sleeker, more seamless appearance.
  • Durable and Lasting: High-quality magnets remain strong over time with proper care and maintenance.

Updating Towels

New towels are one of the easiest and most immediate ways to refresh a bathroom. Headed to the store, purchase a few packs of:

  • Bath Sheets: Thick, luxurious bath sheets in neutral tones like gray, taupe and white make showering and bathing more enjoyable.
  • Hand Towels: Matching hand towels you'll be happy to use every day. Soft, ring-spun cotton terry in a plain weave is most absorbent.
  • Washcloths: Medium-sized washcloths in linen or Egyptian cotton for milder exfoliation.
  • Bath Mats: Replace old, moldy mats with absorbent, machine-washable microfiber or cotton options.
  • Tub Mats: Slip-resistant, no-curl mats for safer bathing and easier cleaning.

The softer, fluffier towels you use each day have an immediate impact on your morning and evening routines.

Clear Out and Organize Clutter

Simply decluttering and organizing 1-3 lived-in rooms will significantly refresh your space and shift your mindset:

  • Kitchen: Remove outdated and broken dishes, appliances, utensils and cookware from cabinets and drawers. Donate or toss them.
  • Media Areas: Go through book collections, DVDs, CDs, gaming consoles and remotes. Properly store or give away unused items.
  • Bedrooms: Organize dresser drawers, nightstands and closets. Eliminate clutter then establish a new system for remaining things.
  • Garages and Sheds: Sort through and properly dispose of old tools, expired chemicals, broken equipment and unused supplies.

Once clutter is gone, manual organizer tools like hanging shelves, drawer organizers and cube storage make maintaining control much easier.

9.Update Built-In Shelving

Reface or customize existing shelving by:

  • Staining: Apply wood stain to pine shelving in a warm espresso, natural or mahogany hue. Let dry completely between coats.
  • Painting: Use paint specifically made for furniture on wood shelving in any gloss or matte finish. Apply 2-3 thin coats for durability. Remember to use floor protection to prevent any paint from contaminating the floor during construction
  • Contact Paper: Cover shelving in high-quality laminate or vinyl contact paper in any color, pattern or print you love. Trim edges with a craft knife.
  • Organizers: Install fabric baskets, woven boxes, tiered risers, canisters and accessories in coordinating tones for simpler storage.

Upgrading storage spaces with a unified color scheme and function lifts the ambiance of entire rooms.


These 9 easy home refresh projects offer convenient ways to revive spaces with low-cost materials, simple skills and minimal hassle. Commit to tackling just 1-2 of these projects initially, and you'll be surprised by the instant gratification and motivation it provides to accomplish more.

Start breathing new life into your surroundings today and boost your comfort, productivity and creativity. At last, don't forget the renovation floor protection we provided!

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