Home Staging Tips to Boost Your Home Sale Price By 20% Or More!

Home Staging Tips to Boost Your Home Sale Price By 20% Or More!


Simple and inexpensive home improvements can transform any home's sale potential - boosting value by 20% or more with hardly any investments.

From fixing minor damage and upgrading lighting fixtures to deep cleaning, decluttering, and adding fresh paint and plants, a select set of small but powerful upgrades can make a home irresistible to buyers - creating a buzz and generating multiple offers above the asking price.

cost-saving home staging tips

Repairs And Upgrades

Making a few smart, affordable repairs and upgrades pays major dividends with minimal investment. Focus on home improvements buyers notice instantly:

Repair Cracks, Holes, and Dings in Walls

Fill minor holes and dents, sand surfaces, and paint repaired areas. Buyers form positive first impressions of well-maintained homes where owners invested in small, important details.

cost-saving home staging tips

Upgrade Light Fixtures with LED Bulbs

Replace old, dim light fixtures and incandescent bulbs with energy-efficient, long-lasting LED bulbs. Brighter, whiter lighting helps spaces feel more spacious, modern, and well-cared for.

Install New Interior and Exterior Doors Knobs

Spend $50-$100 on tarnish-resistant door handles and knobs that make a big style statement. Shiny hardware signals the home received TLC and upgrades over time.

Change Switch Plates and Outlet-covers

Spend just $2-$5 per outlet/switch by swapping old, dated cover plates that attract buyers' eyes. Even minor details project an image of a home that's been loved and improved over time.

Consider Low-cost Flooring Upgrades Like Laminate or Area Rugs

Area rugs instantly update any floor for under $500. Imagine buyers' delight when seeing a cozy wool rug grounding a living space or a chic sisal rug defining a casual dining nook.

  • Place rugs at key thresholds. Welcome buyers with an entry rug that sets the tone for more upgrades within.
  • Choose washable styles for low-maintenance. Against a gleaming hardwood floor, a stain-resistant area rug can withstand years of active family life.
  • Install water-Resistant laminate planks yourself on the weekend. Affordable laminate plank flooring provides a realistic woodgrain look at a fraction of hardwood's cost. Picture transforming dreary, dated tile throughout with just a weekend's work.
  • Choose water-resistant planks for easy cleanup. No more mopping - just wipe spills and track marks away instantly.
  • Install floating "click and lock" planks over any floor. Say goodbye to prying up old flooring for weeks.
  • You can opt for flooring with a 75-year manufacturer's warranty. Buyers gain years of easy-living, low-maintenance luxury for under $2 per square foot.
  • Remember using temporary floor protection for your nice floorings, and it will help a lot when cleaning.

These low-cost upgrades offer a big impact. Fixing issues, upgrading fixtures, and swapping plates show care for details. Simple changes signal timely home improvements that boost value. Make quick, easy upgrades, and buyers will reward you with a higher offer.

cost-saving home staging tips

A Decluttered, Immaculate Home Makes an Instant Impression

Buyers are only able to envision themselves living in a home and making it their own when distractions have been removed. When distractions have been eliminated, buyers can imagine living in every room without reservations.

Declutter by the Half

Reduce furniture, decor, and possessions by half. Picture buyers' relief when walking into an open, uncluttered living room with ample free space instead of navigating a maze of knickknacks and tchotchkes.

  • Remove excess accessories. The less is truly more when selling. Buyers want to envision their furniture and decor, not compete with yours.
  • Box up collectibles and memorabilia. Store sentimental items that tempt you to hold onto them for another day.
  • Donate or sell possessions you no longer need. Out with the old, in with a higher sale price!

Deep Clean Every Nook and Cranny

An immaculate home creates trust that you have cared for it well. Imagine how scrubbed baseboards, spotless fans, and gleaming floors prompt buyers to visualize long-term enjoyment.

  • Clean all vertical surfaces. Dust crown molding, window trim, and ceilings to remove lingering dirt and cobwebs. Installing window facing problems? check our window installation tips.
  • Scrub and disinfect bathrooms and kitchens. Shiny surfaces and that "lemon fresh" smell ease buyers' health concerns.
  • Vacuum and mop hard floors repeatedly. Nothing sells a home like a mirror-like shine that buyers can't stop grinning into.

A pristine, uncluttered home allows buyers to envision themselves living there comfortably. Follow these tips, and you will see how these minor home improvements boost your home's sale value by showing buyers you've cared for it well.

cost-saving home staging tips

Paint Walls in Neutral Colors

Think about the effect that blank, neutral walls might have on potential purchasers. Painting is the cheapest way(excluding temoprary floor protection) to completely transform the feel of a room.

  • Choose light gray or white for walls. Picture how blank canvases like these tempted buyers to envision furnishing each room in their unique way.
  • Paint ceilings a slightly brighter white. The bounce of light off crisp white ceilings illuminates rooms in a way that feels instantly airy and open for a living.
  • Consider warm tan or beige tones for small rooms. Visualize how soft, roasted cocoa paint transforms a narrow hallway or cramped powder room into a cozy retreat.
  • Create contrast with trim work. Darker colored baseboards and door/window trim define walls and help spaces feel balanced and polished.
  • Hire pros for closets, cabinets, and high or awkward places. Buyers form a positive impression when tiny details like high closet shelving look painted by perfectionists.

Grab that paintbrush and get started today - you'll be amazed at how quickly and easily a fresh coat of neutral paint can transform your home into a buyer magnet.Give more painting tips here.

cost-saving home staging tips

Maximize Natural Light

Imagine how an abundance of natural light transforms even the smallest spaces into sanctuaries-picture buyers' smiles when walking into sun-drenched rooms that awaken the senses.

  • Remove heavy curtains and pleated shades. Visualize how light, see-through curtains and sheer Roman shades invite sunlight to pour in unobstructed.
  • Wash all windows inside and out. Envision how sparkling clean windows magnify light, making colors pop and surfaces glow.
  • Add mirrors above light fixtures. Picture how light bounces between mirrors and walls, flooding every corner of the room.
  • Consider new windows and skylights. Visualize how additional sources of natural light transform dark closets and halls into bright, cheerful spaces.
  • Rearrange furnishings to maximize light exposure. Imagine how furniture and surfaces arranged to face windows take full advantage of the sun's warmth and brilliance.
  • Use lamps, sconces, and torchères to supplement light. Envision the golden glow of lamplight, casting a cozy ambiance that beckons buyers to linger and fall in love.

Refresh Curb Appeal with Plants and Paint

The addition of some bright flowers or a newly painted front door is sure to wow potential buyers. Minor cosmetic changes to the outside can increase interest in the interior.

  • Add potted flowers and plants. Picture how clusters of colorful blooms and lush foliage flanking the front walkway create an instant welcoming moment.
  • Paint the front door a bright color. Visualize the cheerful greeting of a shiny royal blue or glossy crimson front door that signals the start of a transformation.
  • Pressure washing all exterior surfaces. Envision how sparkling clean walkways, patios, and siding convey years taken of wind, rain, and sun without noticeable wear.
  • Fill flower beds with seasonal colors. Imagine buyers' smiles at the sight of vibrant impatiens, geraniums, and begonias overflowing from overflowing baskets and planters.
  • Plant low-maintenance perennials. Picture the curb appeal of hardworking hostas, daylilies, and Iris returning annually with minimal upkeep needed.
  • Trim hedges, edge beds, and rake mulch. Envision how tidy, defined landscaping elements convey a homeowner's care and pride that assure buyers of long-term enjoyment.

Book Professional Photographer

Imagine the impressed expressions of buyers scrolling through photos of an impeccably styled and staged home that pulls at their heartstrings. Professional photos boost curb appeal and command a higher sale price.

  • Hire a real estate photographer. Picture buyers are swooning over vast rooms shot with a wide-angle lens that makes spaces feel endlessly spacious.
  • Schedule shoots at "golden hour." Visualize how warm, natural light streaming in at dusk casts a glow that makes every surface and texture pop in photos.
  • Opting for HD drone footage. Envision the jaw-dropping aerial shots of your neighborhood oasis that immediately pull buyers into the grand new life they dream of.
  • Take before/after photos. Picture the incredulity of buyers viewing the transformation wrought by a few affordable upgrades that they, too, can replicate in their own homes.
  • Share photos professionally online. Visualize the flurry of interest generated by professionally captured images of your newly staged, renovated dream home.


Simple home improvements go a long way. Start small with repainting and decluttering. Buyers will flood in once they see your transformed space. Make a few affordable fixes and witness incredible results - offers above the asking price and multiple buyers vying for your home.

Easy, inexpensive home improvements can work wonders for your home's appeal and sale potential - boosting profits by 20% or more. Begin today and watch your home's value quickly reveal itself.

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