Printed Custom Temporary Floor Protection

Custom Temporary Floor Protection: What Can Be Printed on?

Custom temporary floor protection is an investment that helps safeguard your floors during construction or renovation projects while promoting your brand. This comprehensive guide provides tips for ordering custom floor protection and making the most of your design.

Why Custom Temporary Floor Protection?

Custom floor protection offers significant benefits over standard products:

  • Branding Opportunity: Custom prints allow you to prominently display your company logo, name, contact information, slogan and more. Your brand will gain visibility at the job site, raising awareness with everyone involved in the project.
  • Product Protection: Floor protection like rolls, mats, and boards help prevent damage to existing floorings from scratches, stains, debris and heavy equipment. Your custom design can be produced on high-quality, durable floor protection materials that withstand demanding job site conditions.
  • Peace of Mind: Customized floor protection gives you confidence that your brand and investment in the property are well safeguarded. And dealing with an experienced supplier provides assurances about quality, service and the final result.
  • Competitive Edge: Bold, professional custom floor protection helps set your business apart. Distinctive designs, company colors and clear branding convey your image and standards. Make an impression that resonates with customers and builds your reputation.
Custom Temporary Floor Protection: What Can Be Printed on?

Selecting Your Floor Protection Product

Work with a reputable floor protection supplier ↗ to determine the best product for your needs such as:

  • Rolls: Adhesive or loose-laid sheet floor protection in a variety of widths. Excellent under equipment or for large, open floor spaces. Loose-laid rolls are repositionable and residue-free.
  • Mats: Adhesive-backed mats, often in a non-slip or slip-resistant design for entrances, around equipment or any application requiring a stable surface. Residue-free options are available for bare floors.
  • Boards: Individual hardboard or plywood sheets for heavy-duty protection. May be loose-laid or secured with tape for non-permanent installation.
  • Alternatives: Additional options include straps, slabs or planks, temporary thresholds, corner and edge protection, and more. Discuss your specific project needs to determine the optimal solutions.

Once the product type is selected, turn your attention to the custom design and printing to showcase your brand.

Custom Temporary Floor Protection: What Can Be Printed on?

Key Elements for Your Custom Design

The custom design for your floor protection should include:

  • Company Name and Logo: Feature your business name prominently with your logo for instant brand recognition. Provide your logo file in any format for the design team to incorporate. Consider a large, bold logo for maximum impact.
  • Slogan or Tagline (optional): A short, memorable slogan highlighting your company's strengths. Keep the message simple and compelling. But avoid overcrowding the design with too much text.
  • Contact Information: Include phone number, website, email and social media profiles so people can easily connect with your business. Also add your company address or mailing address. QR codes linked to your contact methods are an eye-catching option.
  • Color Scheme: Choose a color scheme matching your existing brand guidelines or work with the design team to select colors representing your company image. Limit the number of colors used for visual cohesion and cost efficiency. Pantone matching and gradient color printing may be available for more vibrant designs.
  • Graphics (optional): Incorporate background textures, geometric elements or decorative flourishes to complement your company information. But don't distract from the key elements or crowd the composition. Simple and uncluttered is best.
  • Headings: Use concise headings to label different content like "Company Information", "Contact Us" or "About Our Services". But avoid excess text which compromises brand visibility.

Review and provide feedback on the initial digital draft design before finalizing and moving ahead with production. Ensure all details are accurate and the overall look and layout suitably represents your brand.

The Production Process

After reconfirming product specifications, quantity, design layout, and shipping information, we'll begin the engraving and production process upon your approval. Your custom floor protection will be unique and up-to-date. While waiting for your order, you can always contact us for progress updates. And you should confirm the specifications for your custom floor protection order including:

  • Quantity: Determine how much floor protection you need for your project to minimize waste while ensuring full coverage. Consider the size of the job site and any surplus that would be useful to have on hand.
  • Size: Choose the appropriate width and length for your product selection. Most suppliers offer standard and custom sizing options for each type of floor protection.
  • Printing Requirements: Specify the number of print screens needed based on the number of colors in your design. Each additional color means another print screen, increasing costs. Most floor protection is printed in 500mm sections, so very large logos or repeating patterns also raise the screen number.
  • Production Time: Discuss production timelines and any deadlines you need to meet. Most custom orders take 5 to 15 business days to complete depending on the product specifications. Rush services are often available for an additional fee.
  • Additional Services: Request samples to view the print quality and product material. Also inquire about installation services, touch-up painting, or any other needs requiring on-site assistance.

Once the production process begins, be available to address any questions and approve final product photos before shipping and delivery. Provide proper installation guidelines to your team to get the maximum benefit and branding impact from your custom temporary floor protection.

Why Custom is Best

In summary, custom temporary floor protection is a smart choice for high-visibility construction and renovation projects. Key benefits include:

  • Prominent branding to raise awareness of your business
  • Premium protection for your investment in the property
  • A polished image highlighting your standards
  • Distinguishing your company from competitors
  • Confidence in the finished results and overall service
  • Options to suit your budget, timeline and project needs

Custom designs produce a tailored solution that achieves both marketing and flooring protection objectives during important building works. Partnering with a reputable supplier ensures a quality product and service, providing the peace of mind that your brand and floors are well shielded by industry experts focused on your needs and success.

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